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page last updated on June 21, 2004

The Ohio River Players of Southeastern Illinois

The Ohio River Players are now in production for 3 one act plays to be presented on May 7, 2004 at the popular Kornbread Junction in Tunnel Hill. “Out The Window” is a tale of Nana, her son, James and his wife, Mary. Through some very hilarious chaotic moments each one of them finds themselves either falling, jumping or being pushed ‘out the window”. The cast in this play consists of Cathy Broadway as Nana, Kelvin Kunath as James, and Erin Swinford as Mary.

“Belinda’s Burglar” which stars, Connie Gibbs as Belinda, Hank Vinson as the burglar and Pat Vinson as the narrator, finds us in Belinda’s bedroom when she encounters a burglar. Her decision as to what to do with him proves to be very funny indeed.

“Not My Cup of Tea” will be presented for the third time along with the new offerings and will make for an evening of great laughter. “Not My Cup of Tea” was first presented on October 30, 2003 at Kornbread Junction and then an encore production in November of 2003. Both times before sold out audiences. The ladies also gave a private performance for one of Golconda’s senior citizens no longer able to attend functions of this type but still very much interested in theater. A domineering old maid, Jessica persuades her silly spinster sister Emmy, to join her in a plot to murder their mother and what a time they have doing it.

 Mother - Liz Walker-Garcia,  Jessica - Pat West,  Emmie - Barb Slyder


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